Ingenious tech with minimal dimensions

Technology that is both fun and helpful!

Lernstift is packed with sophisticated tech that recognizes all writing movements and lets you know when you’ve made a mistake – with an unmistakable vibration.

It's written in the air ...

The first digital pen that works without paper!

All digital pens that are currently available require paper or a solid writing pad. Or they use "external movement sensors“ to register the pen's movements.

Lernstift works differently. Its special motion sensor technology is patent pending.

The pen recognizes words, gestures and symbols, even if you only "draw them in the air". This opens up all new possibilities for whiteboarding applications.

You could even write text messages using Lernstift instead of dealing with T9 and small touchscreen keys …

The Computer inside the pen

Embedded Linux inside

Open Platform

The computer inside Lernstift is an embedded Linux system; pretty much like a smartphone "stripped to the bone" – without everything that isn't necessary for our purposes (no screen, no GSM module, etc.)

We are using an individualized board, based on the Gumstix Overo. To build this specific board, we are working together with a German hardware manufacturer. Our board will contain the motion sensor, processor, memory, Wi-Fi and a vibration module.

Reliable handwriting recognition is key to making Lernstift the high-quality product we want it to be. That's why we'll work with the market leader in this field and use their advanced software environment for Lernstift.

Motion recognition

The motion sensor

Accelerometer and gyroscope sensor

The sensors used in Lernstift are state-of-the-art motion sensors. We combine gyroscope, accelerometer and magnetometer technology. It calculates the pen's 3D movements and generates 2D vectors. The sensor delivers a resolution of approx. 400 dpi at 200 Hz while the handwriting recognition engine requires only 100 dpi at 50 Hz. In other words: Lernstift has got plenty of sensor power!

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